2018 | 12-16 Weeks

Jamie and Louis are small business owners. They had an awesome idea that will help tradesman spend more time with the family. And spend less time working on quotes for their clients.

I help them transform and improve their system into a mobile prototype. This will allow us to test the idea, the features for the new app and also be appealing to potential investors.

Customer Segments
Road Map
Ui Design
Features Brainstorming
User Story
Value Proposition Canvas
Visual Direction Alignment
Business Model Canvas
Business Strategy
Features Prioritization
Iteration on screens functionalities and User Interactions
Define the Visual Language

Road map

In the road map phase, I explore all the ideas I have on the table.
I am doing research about the market, industry, competition, customers.
And, everything else that I can find related to the project and not only.

So, with all this information, I'm mixing the user story with the prioritise features. Going through many iterations to find the best mix that will get us to fulfilling our goals.


Arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.
Interface elements, Navigation Systems and Content are depicted in this phase with the help of the road map of the main flow.


Making the project beautiful and memorable. In this phase, the visual style is defined. Colour pallet, typography, iconography, images, hierarchy, composition, interactions.

Activity Screen

A calendar view will keep the user up to date with his task for the week. In this calendar view, the user can receive notification and ads.

The ads idea is something that I thought will have some value if the founders decide to have a free version for the app. By tapping an event, the user will be redirected to the event page.

New Quote - Add Services

Creating a new proposal will offer the user many possibilities for configurations.

Adding a preconfigured service and update it with the job details is enabling the users to have a proposal ready in minutes.

New Quote - Add Materials

Once the Services are configured, the user can add construction materials to the proposal. The shop will have items directly from our partners. The materials are on the way to the construction site when the shopping list is paid.

Shopping Lists

I proposed these preconfigured shopping lists with materials for specific jobs. He can also create new ones based on his needs.

Projects and Enquires

This page was proposed as a place for collaboration between users. This will enable one user to contact other users for different services. There are times when a plumber is in need of a trusty painter. The user can gain different benefits by recommending services from another user.

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