2018 | 12-16 Weeks

Claudiu and Calin make an awesome team. Claudiu is a passionate driver, he worked with companies like BMW, Ferrari, Renault and other relevant players in the industry. As a professional driver, he had an app idea and together with Calin we manage to build the DriveKey prototype.

The app aims at making people more aware of their driving style and suggests improvements to ensure a more safe driving style. The user can collect point and compare the improvements with family and friends.

Professional driving lessons, tips and tricks will also be available in the app. Driving with a safe style will allow users to access special offers.

Having so much information, only ten screens to include the design and a tight deadline was a challenge that I engage in and successfully deliver it.

Customer Segments
Road Map
Ui Design
Features Brainstorming
User Story
Value Proposition Canvas
Visual Direction Alignment
Business Model Canvas
Business Strategy
Features Prioritization
Iteration on screens functionalities and User Interactions
Define the Visual Language

Road map

In the road map phase, I explore all the ideas I have on the table.
I am doing research about the market, industry, competition, customers.
And, everything else that I can find related to the project and not only.

So, with all this information, I'm mixing the user story with the prioritise features. Going through many iterations to find the best mix that will get us to fulfilling our goals.


Arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. Interface elements, Navigation Systems and Content are depicted in this phase with the help of the road map of the main flow.


Making the project beautiful and memorable. In this phase, the visual style is defined. Colour pallet, typography, iconography, images, hierarchy, composition, interactions.

A memorable concept is a powerful one that is easy to explain. But, because this project is a prototype without a defined path at this point, investing a short amount on time in de UI phase makes sense.

Home Screen

This is the main screen of the app that is providing overall information to the user, depending on the profile, date or car selected.

Guardian Angel

The user will have audio feedback and a voice assistant. The "Guardian Angel" can be activated by the user before he starts driving.

The user will receive in real-time information about his driving style, road conditions, and vehicle’s characteristics. Bluetooth connection or an ODB device will be used, depending on the car.

Black Box

The rides history and different user stats are kept here.


Here the user has the possibility to connect with friends and also see other users performance from local to worldwide


The user will receive points by performing different actions in the app, based on the number of points he earns he will have access to new deals.

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