2018 | 12-16 Weeks

James is a proactive person and has a lot of experience with people. I resonated from the start with his app idea and I saw great potential in it.

The app aims to give a voice to employees in companies that are willing to listen. The company can have real-time insights from all colleagues. GetHerd facilitates the sharing of knowledge bottom-up.

Customer Segments
Road Map
Ui Design
Features Brainstorming
User Story
Value Proposition Canvas
Visual Direction Alignment
Business Model Canvas
Business Strategy
Features Prioritization
Iteration on screens functionalities and User Interactions
Define the Visual Language

Road map

In the road map phase, I explore all the ideas I have on the table.
I am doing research about the market, industry, competition, customers.
And, everything else that I can find related to the project and not only.

So, with all this information, I'm mixing the user story with the prioritise features. Going through many iterations to find the best mix that will get us to fulfilling our goals.


Arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.
Interface elements, Navigation Systems and Content are depicted in this phase with the help of the road map of the main flow.


Making the project beautiful and memorable. In this phase, the visual style is defined. Colour pallet, typography, iconography, images, hierarchy, composition, interactions.

A memorable concept is a powerful one that is easy to explain. But, because this project is a prototype without a defined path at this point, investing a short amount on time in de UI phase makes sense.

Notification Screen

Each time a user opens the app, he will be informed about how many points he has gained and other statistics. Besides this, he will have the main offers available for him at that point. The offers can be set by GetHerd as a service for the user's company or can be provided directly by the company.

Be Heard

This page was designed to give a voice to any employe. Here the user can post any ideas that can improve the workflow or can ask for help. Each time a user posts, he will receive points. If what he posts receive attention(likes or replies) the point will increase.

Explore Ideas

Here the user can explore all the ideas posted by his colleges and interact with them by rating or commenting. His interaction with other ideas will also bring him points.

Find Support

Here the user can find support for any problem. He can communicate with his leaders or company specialists and can also contact external support if needed. He can use his points for these services at the external GetHerd partners.

Thank you

Let's build it!

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